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18 diciembre 2018

Alerta al inversionista


The National Securities Commission of the Republic of Panama (Comisión Nacional de Valores de la República de Panamá-CNV), pursuant to its legal duty to protect the securities market in Panama, and in compliance with regulations of the Decree Law No.1 of July 8th of 1999 and its agreements, warns investors and the general public that:  

The company SPARENFX, S.A., ( which is incorporated in the Public Registry of Panama under Microjacket number 617281, document 1350942 of the Mercantile Section of the Public Registry, has not been issued any kind of license by the CNV, nor has been authorized to carry out business as a financial intermediary of securities or investments in or from the Republic of Panama. 

Consequently, the CNV cannot endorse on guarantee the activities of this company, nor the performance of its operations.

ver documento adjunto: 1883_01.pdf